Sub specie Absolutus - Under the aspect of Absolute

True Coffee Lovers

 French author and scientist Bernard Le Bovier
de Fontenelle (1657 – 1757) lived to upwards of
one hundred years of age. A noted gourmand,
he attributed his longevity to eating strawberries.

When, in his late nineties he met the beautiful
Madame Helvétius, he reportedly told her,
"Ah Madame, if only I were eighty again!"

A doctor told Fontenelle that coffee was a
slow poison.
“Yes,” said the philosopher, smiling,
“Very slow, Doctor,

for I have been taking it every day
for more than eighty years.”


Although this phrase is often attributed to
(1694 -1778), who drank immense
quantities of coffee, and  
lived for 84 fruitful 



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