Sub specie Absolutus - Under the aspect of Absolute

Cleopatra - Short Biography, Intresting Facts, Personal life and Quotes

Cleopatra VII  Thea Philopator
(69 BC – August 12, 30 BC) (aged 39)
Nationality: Egypt
Category: Leaders,
Occupation: Rulers
Unique distinction: The most ever famous queens of all times in ancient Egypt, the first ruler of the dynasty to learn Egyptian, the last Pharoah of Egypt.
Gender: Female
Quotes: 1. So I learned two things that night, and the next day, from him: the perfection of a moment, and the fleeting nature of it. 2. Things do not happen, we must make them happen. 3. The strong look for more strength, the weak for excuses. 4. In my experience, there are two things that no one will admit to: having no sense of humor and being susceptible to flattery. 5. Leave the fishing-rod, Great General, to us sovereigns of Pharos and Canopus. Your game is cities and kings and continents. (Quotes from “The Memoirs Of Cleopatra” by Margaret George).

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