Sub specie Absolutus - Under the aspect of Absolute

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1. Talent is specific, and genius universal capability.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
2. Genius is, in its essence, nothing but the full completion of the idea of a man, and, therefore, every man ought to have some quality of it, and it should be regarded as a possible principle for everyone
Otto Weininger
3. Why do you aspire to become a Buddha, if you already are the Buddha.

Everyone is equal and tantamount to the creative universe and is a genius by nature. The history of mankind and the culture is incomplete without your unique contribution.
The world expects from each man the realization of a given gift.

The unique characteristic of the Site
The site Creative Absolute has a developing, motivating and inspiring character.
The site professes an encouraging, potentiating approach and focuses on the positive facts and bright, fateful events. It dwells on the merits and achievements of people, on their creative potential, new opportunities and horizons.

It is allowed and encouraged to present your own original theories, new ideas, insights and inventions, as well as meaningful trivia and interesting facts and events.

The only condition for including your page on the list " Biographies of Creative people" is to fill the fields: "Contributions" and "Major works" (Books, articles, films, songs, paintings, records, any important achievements…).
1. In the future, you can freely edit the content of your page and add new and important information. You are particularly welcome to renew and complete the fields: "Contributions", and "Major works"!
2. You can create your own page in English and Russian.
3. There is an opportunity for you to create a biography of remarkable people, favourite writers, artists, composers, and celebrities. In this case, you can state your name as the author of the article.

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