Sub specie Absolutus - Under the aspect of Absolute

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Creative Absolute is the author's project, which has  been created by Sergey L. Markov.
He worked as Fulbright Scholar at California State University (Fullerton, USA) and served as Chair of Psychology Department  at Chernivtsy National University and later at KROK University (Kiev, Ukraine).

At the moment, all texts were written by the author of the site. is currently in process of developing, improving and enriching with new, useful and fascinating information.


1. Humanity. We consider every human life and human destiny as unconditional, enduring and ultimate value. Any truly experienced event and any act committed by the dictates of truth creative Self is a unique and invaluable contribution to the flow of Creative Сoevolution and to the process of co-creativity.

This background  is manifested in a special, magical vision at every person, culture and history in general, in a specific view, which  highlights and revives only those creative products, events and actions that make a contribution to the improvement of humankind and the entire Universe as a whole.

2. Creativity. Today, the famous phrase “He who owns the information, owns the world” becomes a dangerous illusion, a trap and a brake on development.

Now a new, fresh and powerful criterion for the development and success - Creativity gains in strength. The one that intuitively sensed it, has mastered and successfully maximizes this resource, reaches unexpectedly high results and dizzying success. 

Yours respectfully,
Sergey L. Markov

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